Project Learning Tree Workshops
If you’re an educator looking to integrate PLT into your curriculum, you’ve come to the right place for resources and opportunities. More than half a million educators have attended a PLT workshop since the program began in 1976. PLT’s professional development workshops train educators:

  • In environmental education
  • How best to use PLT curriculum materials
  • How to engage with and draw upon their community in learning about and taking action to address local environmental issues

Ready to start incorporating environmental education into your curriculum? Project Learning Tree is here to help you get started. In doing so, you will join the 500,000+ educators who have implemented Project Learning Tree programs into their classrooms across the country, and the world. The first step to helping your students learn about the environment is attending a Project Learning Tree workshop.


Through Project Learning Tree workshops you can:

  • Learn how to incorporate PLT activities into your current and future lesson plans and curriculum.
  • Meet other professionals in your area interested or already involved in environmental education.
  • Become part of a network that offers you follow-up resources and engagement opportunities.
  • Learn about environmental education