Wet winter doesn't dampen fire danger

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma had a wet winter with snow, ice and now storms. But firefighters say the damp ground does not mean we are safe from wildfires this year. Forestry experts and firefighters both say the stage is set for some major trouble. That's because the surface grasses can dry out quickly and catch fire. The ground beneath is soft which is a problem for fire trucks.

Not only that, but the ice storm caused tree branches to fall; when they dry out, the dead branches make an excellent kindling.

Jon Hansen with the Council on Firefighter Training says, "We don't want our citizens across Oklahoma to have a false sense of security that we've had a wet winter. A wet winter just makes a firefighters job much more complex."

Firefighters are asking you to move any firewood away from your home and keep any grasses trimmed down around your property.

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