Tree Seedlings Available

Winter is the perfect time to plant trees and Oklahoma Forestry Services (OFS) is currently filling orders of tree seedlings from landowners across the state. The best time to plant these bare-root seedlings is during the months of late January, February, and March.

These seedlings are available for a variety of conservation purposes like reforestation, wildlife habitat, windbreaks, erosion control, living snow fences, firewood, fenceposts, and Christmas trees. OFS foresters are available to help landowners to determine what species will thrive in their particular soil type or what species can meet their conservation needs.

“A variety of trees and shrubs are available and our new wildlife bundles have been very popular,” said State Forester George Geissler. “With the addition of our on-line store landowners can easily select, purchase and have the seedlings shipped directly to their home. Our bare-root and containerized seedlings are sold on a first come, first serve basis so I would encourage landowners to place their orders now.”

Seedlings offered this year include baldcypress, sand plum, loblolly pine, Scotch pine, ponderosa pine, black locust, bur, sawtooth , shumard , northern red, post and blackjack oaks, mulberry, eastern redbud, sycamore, Osage orange, persimmon, hackberry, chokecherry, native pecan, Arizona cypress, ninebark, American plum, and black walnut.

Oklahoma Forestry partnered with Oklahoma Department Wildlife Conservation officials to select pre-packaged species that are proven to attract deer, songbirds and other rural wildlife to the landowner’s property.

To order seedlings on-line, request landowner assistance from a forester or for more information visit or call the OFS nursery directly at 800-517-3673.