Tree Seedling Sales join the OKC Farmers Market

Want to enhance your land and add real value to your property? By planting specific tree and shrub species, landowners have the ability to conserve and enhance their land. It isn’t too late for landowners to take advantage of this opportunity! With the recent rainfall, the last few weeks of the tree planting season will kick off when Oklahoma Forestry Services brings its conservation seedling sales to downtown Oklahoma City on Tuesday, April 3rd.

Oklahoma Forestry Service, a division of the Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry, will offer a variety of tree and shrub seedlings during the Farmers Market at the Agriculture Building, 2800 North Lincoln Boulevard, just north of the State Capitol Complex from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Foresters will be on hand to answer question about trees, as well as assist landowners select the appropriate seedling for their established property goals. “Many landowners in Oklahoma plant trees to attract or diversify wildlife habitats, improve water quality by stabilizing stream banks or for the production of wood products,” said George Geissler, Oklahoma State Forester. “Whatever conservation objective they have set, as an incentive, we will include 50 free redbud seedlings with each minimum order of 100 trees.”

The mobile seedling trailer will adjoin the Farmers Market, hosted by the Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry with local vendors offering a variety of meat and food items that feature Oklahoma-grown and Oklahoma-made products.

For additional information about tree planting, the state’s conservation seedling program or to obtain an order form, visit the Oklahoma Forestry Services website at or call 800-517-3673.