Xeriscape Garden Plants For Oklahoma - pdf

Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Edmond, Oklahoma - pdf

Engineering Urban Forests for Storm Water Management, EPA - pdf

Selection Guides from Around the State:

 Ardmore Beautification Council - Recommended Trees for Ardmore

City of Bartlesville - Centennial Tree Guide

City of Norman - Recommended Tree List

City of Oklahoma City - Putting Down Roots

City of Stillwater - Tree Care and Selection Guide

Public Service Company of Oklahoma - Tree Tips: A Planning Guide

Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma Proven

Planting and Care:

 The Right Tree for the Right Place: English - Spanish

How to Select and Plant Trees: English - Spanish

How to Prune Young Shade Trees:  English - Spanish

How to Hire an Arborist: English

Experts Agree - Don't Top Your TREE!: English - Spanish

Tree Owners Manual: English