Shortleaf Pine Poster Receives award

Norman, OK- Priscilla Crawford of the Oklahoma Biological Survey accepted an honorable mention for design and print quality of the Shortleaf Pine Poster at the 2015 In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association’s national competition.

Shortleaf pine forests and associated habitats once covered a vast area of the continent – from eastern Oklahoma and Texas, to the Atlantic Coast from New Jersey down to Florida – and helped fuel industrial expansion into the region.  Early settlers and Government Land Office surveys describe many of these pine- dominated and mixed pine-oak forests as open woodlands where enough sunlight reached the ground to support a diverse assortment of native wildlife species.

These resilient and adaptive forests, spanning parts of twenty-two states, represent an extraordinary diversity of cultural, ecological, and economic values, yet are being displaced. With millions of people depending upon the benefits this under-appreciated species provides, including wildlife and recreation, water quality and high-value wood products, the need to conserve and better manage the shortleaf pine ecosystem is more compelling than ever. To order a Shortleaf Pine poster click here