Ouachita Society of American Foresters Fall Meeting/Tour, Stillwater

Fri, September 28, 201212:00 PM

Time: 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Place: OSU Forestry Arboretum Complex

Located west of Stillwater and the OSU campus, on Sangre Road about 0.75 miles north of Oklahoma Highway 51 (east side of the road). There is no actual street address, but a GPS could find it at: 365 S. Sangre Rd, Stillwater, OK 74074.

Meeting Agenda:

-BBQ cookout with OSU Student Chapter
-Business Meeting

-Field Tour (all stops within ½ hour of OSU)

Tour Stop #1: “Water Use by Red Cedar” – Don Turton
Tour OSU research project that is quantifying water use of redcedar and tallgrass prairie at scales ranging from the watershed to the individual tree. The goal of the research is to determine how redcedar invasion is altering the water cycle and whether stream flow is decreasing.

Tour Stop #2: “Cross Timbers Restoration” – Rod Will
Visit demonstration area that is using fire and herbicide to create a more open forest structure. The goal of this project is to develop cost effective methods for private landholders to improve wildlife habitat when markets are not available for wood or fiber.

Tour Stop #3: “Swine Lagoon Phytoremediation” –Rod Will/Tom Hennessey
Visit a short-rotation woody crop planting of cottonwood and sycamore that was established on a closed swine lagoon. The goal of this research is develop less expensive methods to retire animal facilities and produce fiber.

Registration Fee: $20.00 (or $25.00 after September 7th)

Please RSVP with the attached form by September 7th so we will be sure and have enough food for everyone.

For any questions, please contact:
or (870) 584-7741