Nursery Store

There are several different seedling products offered in Oklahoma Forestry Services' online store but these are not all of the seedling products available from the State Nursery.  Currently, only orders up to 500 seedlings are accepted online but if you would like to order more than 500 seedlings you can contact the State Nursery at 405-288-2385.  While browsing through our online store, it is important to recognize that most of our products are sold in bundles or flats of 25 or 50, with minimum order sizes.  These seedlings are meant to be planted for conservation purposes so they are sold in larger quantities rather than individual seedlings.  Seedling orders can be placed starting in September of each year but orders will not be ready for pickup or shipment until January - March.  The Forest Trees of Oklahoma book can be ordered and shipped all year round.  Click here for a detailed list of species descriptions.  If you have any questions while ordering, please contact us at 405-288-2385.   

 If you have any questions, please contact the State Nursery at 405-288-2385.

2014-2015 Seedling Order Form