Oklahoma Forestry Encourages Tree Planting

Oklahoma landowners who are interested in improving their forests, increasing wildlife on their property or replacing trees lost to tornados, wildfires or drought can begin ordering trees today from Oklahoma Forestry Services on-line store.

“Oklahoma lost a large number of trees due to natural disasters and drought over the past few years, “said State Forester George Geissler. “We want to encourage Oklahomans to help reestablish this valuable renewable resource.”
For those landowners needing help, OFS foresters assist landowners to plan for, plant and care for trees on their property - No matter how large or small the acreage.

The OFS nursery located south of Norman grows over thirty types of trees and shrubs from local seed sources. New species this year are chittamwood, black hickory and Indian currant. Millions of native trees and shrubs produced at the nursery are shipped to all corners of the state each year.

Seedlings are bare-root, one or two years old and 10 to 30 inches in height and sold in bundles of 50 per species. Hardwood “super cells” must be purchased in blocks of 25 per species with minimum order of 25 trees. “For the last several years we have sold out of the larger hardwood “super cells” that are well-suited for the landowner who wants to get a quick result by planting a larger more established seedling,” said Geissler.

In addition to contacting OFS Foresters directly or purchasing seedlings through the online store, visitors to the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City can visit face to face with OFS personnel, pick up a free pine seedling and learn about a variety of subjects including tree care and wildfire preparedness.

Oklahoma Forestry Services is a division of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. To get more information or to order your seedlings visit www.forestry.ok.gov/order-seedlings or call 800-517-3673.