ODAFF Investigators Arrest Lincoln County Serial Arsonist

Oklahoma City—Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry investigators yesterday arrested Stanley Wagner, 39, of Davenport, on four counts of third degree arson.

Investigators were contacted by Davenport Police Chief, Bill Sides, after a series of suspicious fires began earlier this month, said Col. Mike Grimes, ODAFF Chief Investigator. Davenport police had recovered an incendiary device and asked for assistance.

“Captain Jerry Flowers investigated and arrested Mr. Wagner after he admitted setting four fires,” Grimes said. “We are continuing to investigate to determine if he is responsible for other fires in the area.”

Investigators believe Wagner may have been setting fires for about a year.  Each charge carries a maximum of 15 years in prison.

All four fires were between Chandler and Davenport, Grimes said. No structures were lost but one fire was set near an active oil well and could have created serious problems had it caught on fire.

“That particular fire was set about 100 yards from the oil well and had the potential to be a very costly and potentially life-threatening fire,” Grimes said.