Tips to Make Your Holiday Fun Safer!!

Fireworks Safety Tips

• Use fireworks under close adult supervision in safe areas away from dry grass and brush.
• Keep fireworks away from homes and structures, which can be accidentally ignited.
• Keep a hose, bucket of water and wet towels nearby to extinguish small fires.
• Dispose of used fireworks in a bucket of water.

Grilling and Campfire Safety Tips

• Consider using propane stove or barbecue grill instead of an open fire when it’s dry and windy.
• Put barbecue grills over bare dirt or other fire resistant surfaces – away from dead grass and weeds. Never transport a barbecue pit or grill with live coals.

• Build campfires in open, level spots away from trees and overhanging branches; preferably in designated fire rings or fire receptacles.

• Never leave a campfire or cooking fire unattended. Completely extinguish the fire with water before leaving it. The ashes and coals are not safe to leave until they are cool enough to touch.

Click here for a printable safety flyer.

Click here for latest burn ban information.