Headquarters (Oklahoma City)

Oklahoma Forestry Services
2800 N Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Director/State Forester:George Geissler
Executive Secretary:Ranae Moyer
Federal Grants Administrator:Linda Doss
Forest Management and Administration
  Assistant Director/Forest Management Chief:Scott Huff
  Administrative Programs Officer:Darlene Bolser
  Forest Data Analysis:Ryan Baldrachi
  Forest Inventory and Analysis:Carri Abner
  Forest Management/Health:Dieter Rudolph
  Regeneration/Tree Improvement:Vacant
  Urban Forestry:Mark Bays
  Water Quality:Vacant
Fire Management and Field Operations
  Assistant Director/Fire Chief:Mark Goeller
  Fire Mgmt:Drew Daily
  Fire Mgmt:Tom Murray
  Community Fire Assistance:
Andy James
  East Central Area:
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  Northeast Area:Click Here
  Southeast Area:Click Here

Communications, Education, and Community Outreach 

  Communications and Outreach Manager:
Suzanne McCombs
  Forest Education:
Jeri Irby
  Forest Heritage Museum:
Doug Zook
  Public Information:
Michelle Finch-Walker