Forest Regeneration Center Offers Low Cost Conservation Seedlings

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry encourages landowners to take advantage of low-cost tree seedlings for production and conservation.


 “We have over 40 species of tree and shrub seedlings that we sell in minimum lots of 100,” said Al Myatt, area forester at Goldsby. “They are to be used for natural resource conservation and forest stewardship projects—they cannot be used for landscaping or as ornamentals.”


The seedlings are intended for use as windbreaks to protect crops and livestock, timber production, reforestation, water quality protection, erosion control and wildlife habitat, Myatt said. Fence-post production and even firewood plantings are also eligible.


Some of the available species include pine, black walnut, osage orange, oak, ash, plum, bald cypress, hackberry, black locust, mulberry and sycamore. Large loblolly pine orders are distributed from the Forest Tree Improvement Center located at Idabel.


So far this year orders are below normal and many landowners have indicated economic troubles have kept them from purchasing seedlings or cutting back on seedling planting.  State Forester, John Burwell, said he is concerned that too many acres may go unplanted this year which could cause problems later.


“One area that concerns us is that reduced seedling planting now could mean shortages of forest products in the future,” he said.  “We’re also worried about the possible impact this could cause to our forest conservation efforts.”


Landowners may order the seedlings by mail or the agency’s website at Call Forestry Services in Oklahoma City at 405-522-6158 for an order form.