Forestry Advice Available for Fire Damaged Trees

MEDICINE PARK, OK - Oklahoma Forestry Services, a division of the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry can help landowners who may have sustained damage to their trees during the recent Medicine Park wildfire.

After a wildfire, OFS can assist landowners with steps to protect their property from further damage due to erosion, how to remove or salvage trees that were lost or damaged and how to recover from wildfire damage.

"The first step is to assess the damage,” said Tom Murray, OFS forester. "Recovery actions you may take such as erosion control and replanting depend heavily on the amount of damage caused by the wildfire."

Trees that sustained heavy damage from the fire may die, while trees that had only minimal damage may survive, but may not fully recover their previous vigor. This leaves them vulnerable to attack by insects and to future droughts.

The most damaging long-term resource impact that can occur after wildfire is soil erosion. There are a number of erosion control measures that can be taken including seeding, straw mulching or terracing to slow runoff.

"On-site assessments can be made to determine the trees survivability," said Murray. "Then landowners can begin planning for long-term rehabilitation of the site."

For more information contact Tom Murray at 580-562-4882 extension 115 or email