Fire Situation Report – March 23, 2018

 Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry - Forestry Services

PROTECTION AREA STATISTICS* for Reporting Period 0800 thru 0800, 03/22/18 thru 0800 03/23/18  

NE Area – 9 Fires Burned 265.9 Acres (6-Incendiary, 2-Debris. 1-Equipment Use)

EC Area – 8 Fire Burned 5,759 Acres (Cause: 6-Incendiary, 2 Escaped Control Burn)

SE Area – 12 Fires Burned 906 Acres (6-Incendiary, 6-Debris Burning)

Large / Significant Fire Activity within the Protection Area:

  • Six Thousand (Pittsburg County) 4,220 Acres / 45% contained
  • Hairpin (Latimer County) 182 Acres / 75% Contained
  • P Tree (Pittsburg County) 700 Acres / 70% Contained
  • Mud Creek (Pittsburg County) 220 Acres / 50% Contained
  • Ran Mountain (Pittsburg County) 303 Acres / 65% Contained
  • Fobb Creek (Pushmataha County) 420 Acres / 70% Contained
  • Windy Lane (Atoka County) 175 Acres / 70% Contained
  • North Boggy Creek (Atoka County) 780 Acres / 100% Contained
  • Rockpen (Pittsburg County) 858 Acres / 60% Contained 

Fire Activity with OFS Response Outside of the Protection Area:

  • Road Runner (Seminole County) 162 Acres / 50% Contained
  • Convict Hill (Carter County) 1,300 Acres / 12% Contained
  • Hard Rock Hill (Okmulgee County) 213 Acres / 40% Contained
  • Landers Well (Okfuskee County) 600 Acres / 35% Contained
  • S & W Road (Stephens County) 129 Acres / 51% Contained
  • Henry (Okfuskee County) 1,133.7 Acres / 80% Contained 

OFS Prescribed Fire Activity: No new activity. 

FIRE DEPARTMENT STATISTICS from recorded on 03/21/18 thru 03/22/18 

  • 4 New Fires 22 Acres (Cause: 3-Equipment Use, 1-Debris Burning)

  • Numerous additional fires and Rx Fires noted through media outlets.

    Statewide Discussion:

    A Red Flag Warning is in effect for the western Oklahoma Panhandle and Western Oklahoma for Friday as a dry line pushes into the western portion of the state. Critical to Extremely Critical weather conditions are forecast for much of the western one-half of the state. Strong, gusty winds 15-25 mph sustained with gusts to near 50 mph, low relative humidity 10-15% and elevated temperatures 80-90° will combine with extremely low fine and heavy fuel moistures to cause any new fire start to spread rapidly, be difficult to contain and require extended time on-scene. Fires that get established in heavy fuels will burn actively through the nighttime hours. Do not utilize frontal assault tactics! Rates of spread can easily exceed 5-miles per hour.

    Northwest / Oklahoma Panhandle: A Red Flag Warning is in effect from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. today as dry southwest winds increase. Skies will be partly cloudy. Temperatures should be 85-90°, relative humidity 10-15% (theses values could drop to single-digit), and winds will be from the southwest initially switching to westerly later in the day. Expect new starts to be wind driven and exhibit high to extreme rates of spread in grass fuels. Any new start should be sized-up and LCES (Lookouts, Communication, Escape Routes and Safety Zones) put in place before engaging in suppression action. Fires can still burn actively during the nighttime hours. Rates of spread in grass fuels can be 5 – 7 mph.

    Northern / Western Oklahoma: A Red Flag Warning is in effect for Harper, Woods Alfalfa, Ellis, Woodward, Major, Roger mills, Dewey, Custer, Beckham, Washita, Greer and Harmon Counties from 12-noon through 9:00 p.m. for strong winds, warm temperatures and low relative humidity. Skies will be partly cloudy with some clearing later in the day. Temperatures should be 75-80°, relative humidity 25-35% in the western counties and 45-55% in central counties, winds from the south 15-25 mph with gusts to 40 mph. Winds may switch to southwest later in the day. All fires will exhibit resistance to control efforts and will burn actively into the night. Rates of spread in grass fuels can be 3-5 mph and fire in heavy fuels will retain heat until the fuels are consumed. This will require frequent patrols and the need to re-check fires during the next burning period.

    Central / Eastern Oklahoma: There are no fire weather watches or warning in effect. Skies should be partly to mostly cloudy. Temperatures will in the 60-70° range, relative humidity above 60% with winds from the south at 10-15 mph. Expect fire behavior to be moderate. Control efforts should be successful helping to keep fires small. There is a moisture plume working its way in to the eastern portion of the state with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms tonight.

    Resources: Resource Hotline (800) 800-2481

    1– OFS Task Forces OHP/OFS Aerial Observation Platform

    2 – OFS Suppression Groups 2 - Type 1 Helicopter

    3 – Air Attack Platform

    8 - Single Engine Air Tankers

    Burn Ban Status:

    For the most current information on Burn Bans click on the following link: