Fire Situation Report – February 24, 2017

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry - Forestry Services

PROTECTION AREA STATISTICS* for Reporting Period 0800 thru 0800, 02/23/17 thru 02/24/17 

NE Area – 7 Fires Burned 192.5 Acres (3-Incendiary, 2-Escaped Debris, 1-Escaped Control Burn, 1-Electrical)

EC Area – 8 Fires Burned 391 Acres (4-Incendiary, 3-Escaped Control Burns, 1 Escaped Debris)

SE Area – 4 Fires Burned 97 Acres (2-Incendiary, 2-Escaped Debris)

Large Fire Activity within the Protection Area: 

  • Greasy Creek Fire (Adair County) – 124 Acres, 100% Contained
  • Fish Farm Road Fire (Atoka County) – 41 Acres / 1 Structure, 50% Contained

 Fire Activity with OFS Response outside the Protection Area: 

  • 5 Fires Burned 1,490 Acres (3-Incendiary, 2-Electrical)
  • 2 Mile Lane Fire (Pittsburg County) – 700 Acres, 50% Contained
  • 141st Fire (Wagoner County) – 480 Acres, 75% Contained
  • 211 Fire (Woodward County) – 209 Acres, 50% Contained

 OFS Prescribed Fire Activity: No New Activity

* Protection Area Statistics do not reflect local fire department’s fire run information. Statistics are for the ODAFF-Forestry Services’ fifteen county Fire Protection Area in eastern Oklahoma unless otherwise noted in the Discussion section of this report.

FIRE DEPARTMENT STATISTICS** from recorded on 02/23/17 thru 02/24/17

  • 1 Fire Burned 1 Acre (Cause: 1-Misc.) Blair FD Reporting

  • Numerous fires were noted through media outlets

    Statewide Discussion:  Today is not a day to let your guard down. Significant drying yesterday, moderate moisture recovery overnight and strong northwest winds will hold fire danger in place across Oklahoma today. The drying that occurred yesterday will contribute to readily receptive fuels today.

    Fire weather will be somewhat consistent across the state today. Passage of the cold front delivered noticeably cooler temperatures - 45° in the Panhandle, 50°’s in northern and central Oklahoma, and 60°’s southeast. Relative humidity values this afternoon will primarily fall within a range from 25% to 35% with a few locations potentially a bit drier in western Oklahoma. Many areas will see fine-dead fuel moisture around 5% this afternoon and with northwest winds sustained at 15-20 mph with gusts consistently around 25 mph and peak gusts at 35 mph, rapid rates of fire spread should be expected. Additionally, the drying conditions over the past four days have fully returned timber litter fuels to a receptive state. Some problematic fire behavior should be expected today especially where uniform fuels and topography are aligned.

    Special Note to Firefighters: With the shift in wind direction following the passage of a dry cold front, firefighters are encouraged to continue mop-up and patrol on fires paying particular attention to south and east control lines where heavy fuels are present.

    To request assistance, contact the Resource Hotline at (800) 800-2481

  • Oklahoma Forestry Services will have Task Force resources prepositioned in Central & Northwest Oklahoma.

  • County Wildland Task Force Resources should be prepared for mobilization to support initial attack and extended attack operations.

  • National Guard will have helicopters available.

    Remember…  ONLY YOU can prevent wildfires!  Enjoy Oklahoma’s wildlands responsibly.  

Report any suspicious wildland fire activity on the

Arson Tip Line: 1-866-662-7766 (1-866-NO ARSON).

Prepared by: Drew Daily, Fire Staff Forester, Oklahoma Forestry Services - ODAFF