Fire Situation Report – October 14, 2016

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry - Forestry Services

PROTECTION AREA STATISTICS* for Reporting Period 0800 thru 0800, 10/10/16 thru 10/14/16 

NE Area – 1 Fires Burned 20 Acres (Cause: 1-Incendiary) 

EC Area – 2 Fires Burned 26 Acres (Cause: 1-Incendiary, 1-Other) 

SE Area – 4 Fires Burned 156 Acres (4-Incendiary) 

Large Fire Activity within the Protection Area: No Activity 

Fire Activity with OFS Response outside the Protection Area: 1 Fire Burned 10 Acres (Cause: 1-Debris) 

OFS Prescribed Fire Activity: No Activity

* Protection Area Statistics do not reflect local fire department’s fire run information. Statistics are for the ODAFF-Forestry Services’ fifteen county Fire Protection Area in eastern Oklahoma unless otherwise noted in the Discussion section of this report.

FIRE DEPARTMENT STATISTICS** from recorded on 10/10/16 thru 10/14/16 

No New Activity Reported 

*These statistics are from Fire Departments that have recorded their information on the Oklahoma, Forestry Services web-based Fire Reporting System. Totals do not reflect the total acres burned or total number of fires that have occurred in Oklahoma. 

Statewide Discussion: 

Hot and dry conditions developing this weekend, lackluster rainfall totals in areas where building deficit is a concern and the state of fuels in these areas will result in areas of elevated fire danger through the weekend and into the beginning of next week. 

Northwest Oklahoma / Panhandle- A significant portion of the area is falling well below normal precipitation with some Mesonet sites reporting in excess of 30 days since wetting rains. Grasses benefitted from a respectable growing season, but light rainfall totals through late summer and early fall resulted in increasing fuel availability compounded by seasonal curing especially across Harper, Ellis, and western Woods Counties as well as the Panhandle counties. Over the weekend and into the beginning of next week, weather conditions will be near critical values during the afternoon hours. Temperatures 85°-93° with relative humidity values 12-27% and south to southwest winds 10-20 mph gusting in excess of 30 mph will support active fire behavior. Grass and grass/shrub fuel models in this area that have not been pastured or maintained have potential for flame lengths averaging 6-10 feet with rates of spread near 150 ft./min. Initial attack in light fuels has potential to be challenging but expected to be successful given the current live/dead fuel ratio. However, overnight moisture recovery across the Panhandle and northwestern Oklahoma is expected to be marginal potentially meriting longer patrol periods following fire suppression efforts. 

South-central / Southeastern Oklahoma – The drought monitor released yesterday morning reveals a continuation of severe drought indices centered around Pontotoc County with moderate drought indices extending along the southern tier of counties into McCurtain County. Rainfall across this area was light and patchy with promoting little change in current fuel moisture. Drought impacts and the separation of time since a wetting rain coupled with seasonality of the fuels has resulted in increasing fuel availability as the live-to-dead ratio shifts to dormancy. Weather conditions over the weekend in the area will contribute to elevated fire danger in the afternoon hours Saturday through Monday. Temperatures in the mid- to upper 80°’s and afternoon relative humidity values falling into the 30-40% range will result in fine-dead fuel availability; however not near critical levels. South winds around 15 with gusts near 30 mph at times will support the potential for moderate of fire spread in non-pastured grasses. Fuel shading due to leaf cover will moderate fire behavior in timbered areas; however expect large diameter dead fuels to be persistent and fully combust. 

Fire danger conditions in northeastern Oklahoma have been largely mitigated for the short-term with adequate precipitation. Southwestern Oklahoma will see increasing fire weather conditions and should expect potential for increasing fire occurrence potential over the weekend 

No Burn Bans are presently active. For the most current information on Burn Bans click on the following link: 

Remember…ONLY YOU can prevent wildfires! Enjoy Oklahoma’s wildlands responsibly

Report any suspicious wildland fire activity on the 

Arson Tip Line: 1-866-662-7766 (1-866-NO ARSON). 

Prepared by: Drew Daily, Fire Staff Forester, Oklahoma Forestry Services - ODAFF