Fire Situation Report – February 16, 2016

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

Oklahoma Forestry Services



PROTECTION AREA STATISTICS* for Reporting Period 0800 thru 0800, 02/12/16 thru 02/16/16       


NE Area – 9 Fires Burned 688.8 Acres (Cause: 7-Incendiary, 1-Debris, 1-Other)

EC Area – 18 Fires Burned 1445.1 Acres (Cause: 15-Incendiary, 3-Escaped Control Burn)        

SE Area – 33 Fires Burned 1899.8 Acres (Cause: 24-Incendiary, 5-Debris, 2-Equipment, 1-Campfire)


  • Large Fire Activity within the Protection Area
    • Boarshead Fire (Pushmataha County) – 820 Acres est., 30% Contained
    • Shortleaf Fire (McCurtain County) – 500 Acres est., 30% Contained
    • Terefita Fire (Cherokee County) – 590 Acres, 75% Contained
    • Whiskey Road Fire (Haskell County) – 125 Acres. 100% Contained
    • Doe Run Fire (LeFlore County) – 250 Acres, 100% Contained
    • Weber Mountain Fire (Latimer County) – 300 Acres, 75% Contained
    • Dipping Vat Fire (Latimer County) – 275 Acres, 75% Contained
    • Tucker Knob Fire (Haskell County) – 200 Acres, 75% Contained          


  • Fire Activity with OFS Response outside the Protection Area: 
    • Jackson Fire (Creek County) – 745.9 Acres, 80% Contained


  • OFS Prescribed Fire Activity:                                                               No Activity                                          


* Protection Area Statistics do not reflect local fire department’s fire run information.  Statistics are for the ODAFF-Forestry Services’ fifteen county Fire Protection Area in eastern Oklahoma unless otherwise noted in the Discussion section of this report.


FIRE DEPARTMENT STATISTICS** from recorded on 02/15/16 thru 02/16/16


  • 2 Fires Burned 2 Acres – Tecumseh and Eldorado FD’s Reporting


    ** - These statistics are from Fire Departments that have recorded their information on the Oklahoma, Forestry Services web-based Fire Reporting System.  Totals do not reflect the total acres burned or total number of fires that have occurred in Oklahoma. 

Statewide Discussion:  High to very High fire danger indices will be present across the majority of Oklahoma with well above normal temperature, dry/receptive fuels and dry air in place.  Wind speed expectations are similar to what was realized yesterday with primarily north-northwest 10-15 mph; however there is potential for stronger gusts today.


Dormant grass fuels are expected to drop to 5% fine-dead fuel moisture this afternoon.  Given today’s fire weather forecast of 60°-68°, relative humidity 22%-30% and winds generally north to northwest 10-15 gusts near 20, a rate of fire spread of near 300 ft./min in typical grass fuels should be expected with head fire flame length averaging 7-8 ft.


Fire danger is expected to ramp up into Thursday and continue into the weekend.  A Fire Weather Watch has been issued for Thursday in the following counties: Harper, Woods, Ellis, Woodward, Roger Mills, Cimarron, Texas and Beaver.  Critical fire weather is expected with record temperatures in the 80°’s, relative humidity 5%-20% and south, southwest winds 25-30 mph gusting to 40 mph.


Special Note to Firefighters: County Wildland Task Force Resources should be prepared for potential mobilization Wednesday through Friday. 

  • Firefighters are encourages to review the “Engine Tactics” Wildland Tailgate Training.
  • Incident Commanders are encouraged to review the “Expanding Incidents” Wildland Tailgate Training

Oklahoma Wildland Tailgate Series is available at


Special Note to Public:  Fire danger will be increasing through the week with critical weather and fuel moisture expected.  Any fire that starts will have the potential to spread rapidly and burn intensely.   Avoid activities that may start a wildfire.

  • Report any fire to 911.
  • Avoid areas where smoke and fire activity is present.


There are no County Burn Bans currently in effect in Oklahoma.  For the most current information on Burn Bans click on the following link:

**NOTE:  Some municipalities have enacted local outdoor burning bans.  Check with your local authorities prior to conducting outdoor burning activities.



Remember…  ONLY YOU can prevent wildfires!  Enjoy Oklahoma’s wildlands responsibly.

Report any suspicious wildland fire activity on the Arson Tip Line:  1-866-662-7766 (1-866-NO ARSON).


Prepared by:  Drew Daily, Fire Staff Forester, Oklahoma Forestry Services - ODAFF