Fire Situation Report – October 20-26, 2014

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
Forestry Services

PROTECTION AREA STATISTICS* for Reporting Period 0800 thru 0800, 10/13/14 thru 10/20/14

NE Area – 0 Fires Burned 0 Acres

EC Area – 0 Fires Burned 0 Acres

SE Area – 1 Fire Burned 27 Acres (Cause: 1-Debris)

OFS Prescribed Fire Activity: No activity

* Protection Area Statistics do not reflect local fire department’s fire run information. Statistics are for the ODAFF-Forestry Services’ fifteen county Fire Protection Area in eastern Oklahoma unless otherwise noted in the Discussion section of this report.

FIRE DEPARTMENT STATISTICS** from recorded on 10/13/14 thru 10/20/14

1 Fire Burned 15 acres (Cause: 1-Debris)
Lone Wolf VFD Reporting

** - These statistics are from Fire Departments that have recorded their information on the Oklahoma, Forestry Services web-based Fire Reporting System. Totals do not reflect the total acres burned or total number of fires that have occurred in Oklahoma.

Statewide Discussion:
Significant fire activity is not anticipated for the week of October 20-26, 2014. Fire danger across Oklahoma is expected to be moderated this week despite warm temperatures thanks in large part to the absence of frost/freeze events and adequate herbaceous fuel moistures.

The early part of the week is expected to remain primarily dry across Oklahoma. Some showers and storms in northeast Oklahoma on Monday will hold fuel moisture in good condition as has been the case for the autumn season so far in this region of the state. A mid-week system may produce some scattered showers or storms in Oklahoma. While rainfall amounts are not anticipated to be significant or wide-spread, the approach of the system will hold afternoon relative humidity values above critical levels. No wind events are forecast at this time; however brief outflow winds may be produced with approaching storms when they occur.

Drought impacts remain in place with just over 77% of the remaining in the grips of overall dry conditions. The southwest corner of the state is rated at extreme to exceptional drought with similar conditions extending up the western border toward the Oklahoma Panhandle. While significant activity is not anticipated, some control issues cannot be ruled out due to the effect of prolonged drought effects on live woody and coarse dead fuels resulting in increased severity and potential for some resistance to suppression efforts.

We will update the Oklahoma Wildfire Situation Report on Monday, October 27, 2014 unless significant fire activity or fire weather conditions occur.

Special Note to the Public: The primitive weapons season begins Saturday and hunters across the state will enjoy the beauty and bounty that Oklahoma has to offer. Please exercise fire prevention when in the field!

· Avoid parking vehicles with hot exhaust in tall, dry fuels as the catalytic converter may spark a fire.
· Ensure that spark arrestors are utilized on ATV’s and other off-road vehicles.
· Drown your campfires before heading to the field.

Remember… ONLY YOU can prevent wildfires! Enjoy Oklahoma’s wildlands responsibly.

Report any suspicious wildland fire activity on the Arson Tip Line: 1-866-662-7766 (1-866-NO ARSON).

Prepared by: Drew Daily, Fire Staff Forester, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry - Forestry Services