Fire Situation Report – October 23, 2017

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry - Forestry Services


PROTECTION AREA STATISTICS* for Reporting Period 0800 thru 0800, 10/16/17 thru 10/23/17 

NE Area – 1 Fire Burned 15 Acres (Cause: 1-Incendiary)

EC Area – No New Activity

SE Area – 5 Fires Burned 25 Acres (Cause: 4-Incendiary, 2- Debris)


Large / Significant Fire Activity within the Protection Area: 

  • No New Activity 

Fire Activity with OFS Response outside the Protection Area: 

  • No New Activity

OFS Prescribed Fire Activity: No New Activity

* Protection Area Statistics do not reflect local fire department’s fire run information. Statistics are for the ODAFF-Forestry Services’ fifteen county Fire Protection Area in eastern Oklahoma unless otherwise noted in the Discussion section of this report.

FIRE DEPARTMENT STATISTICS** from recorded on 10/16/17 thru 10/23/17

  • 4 Fires Burned 201.5 Acres (Cause: 1-Debris, 1-Equipment, 1-Lightning, 1-Misc.)

    Wayne, Eldorado and Woodward County FD’s Reporting

Statewide Discussion: 

The weekend storm system provided wetting rains to a good portion of the state prompting some much needed fuel moisture improvement in southeastern and central Oklahoma in the 1, 10 and 100hr. dead fuel size classes. Much of the western quarter and Panhandle regions received only negligible amounts pushing the separation from wetting rains to 10 days or greater. Live woody and herbaceous fuel moisture values remain outside levels of concern; however dry air and moderate temperatures in the forecast will serve to expedite seasonal drying.

Mild temperatures and dry conditions through the week combined with afternoon relative humidity values dipping into the 20-30% range on average will steadily dry wildland fuels through all of the size classes. The current forecast for the week holds two dry fronts that will ramp up wind speeds and accelerate drying during the afternoon hours. Rates of fire spread during initial attack should be limited by current live fuel moisture in the majority of the state, but increasing initial attack toward the end of the week should be expected. Fire activity on any going fire should wane with sunset with respectable overnight moisture recovery.

Freezing temperatures are expected to be a little more widespread at the end of the week and will likely prompt the transition to dormancy for many of the herbaceous species across the northern tier of counties..

Special Note to the Public

The Ready, Set, Go! Program teaches individuals who live in high risk wildfire areas and the wildland-urban-interface (WUI) how to best prepare themselves and their properties against fire threats.

  • Ready – Preparing for the Fire Threat: Be Ready, Be Firewise. Take personal responsibility and prepare long before the threat of a wildfire so your home is ready in case of a fire. Create defensible space by clearing brush away from your home. Use fire-resistant landscaping and harden your home with fire-safe construction measures. Assemble emergency supplies and belongings in a safe spot. Make sure all residents residing within the home are on the same page, plan escape routes.
  • Set – Situational Awareness When a Fire Starts: Pack your vehicle with your emergency items. Stay aware of the latest news from local media and your local fire department for updated information on the fire.
  • Go – Leave early! Following your Action Plan makes you prepared and firefighters are now able to best maneuver the wildfire and ensuring you and your family’s safety.

For more about the Ready, Set, Go! Program, please visit .

Burn Bans: No burn bans currently in effect.

For the most current information on Burn Bans click on the following link: 

    Remember…  ONLY YOU can prevent wildfires!  Enjoy Oklahoma’s wildlands responsibly.  

Report any suspicious wildland fire activity on the

Arson Tip Line: 1-866-662-7766 (1-866-NO ARSON).

Prepared by: Drew Daily, Fire Staff Forester, Oklahoma Forestry Services - ODAFF