Fire Situation Report – June 25, 2018

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry - Forestry Services

PROTECTION AREA STATISTICS* for Reporting Period 0800 06/18/2018 thru 0800 06/25/2018

NE Area – 1 Fire Burned 6 Acres (Cause: 1-Incendiary)

EC Area – 1 Fire Burned 3 Acres (Cause: 1-Incendiary)

SE Area – 3 Fires Burned 7 Acres (Cause: 3-Incendiary)

Large / Significant Fire Activity within the Protection Area: No New Activity

Fire Activity with OFS Response outside of the Protection Area: No New Activity

OFS Prescribed Fire Activity: No New Activity

FIRE DEPARTMENT STATISTICS from recorded on 06/18/2018 thru 06/25/2018

* 2 Fires Burned 120 Acres (Cause: 1-Lightning, 1-Misc.) Eldorado FD Reporting

Statewide Discussion:

Soaking rains occurring since late last week through the weekend have prompted substantial fuel moisture improvement across most of the state. The duration of wetting will provide a boost across the dead fuel size classes reducing both fireline intensity and resistance to suppression, while live fuels are registering improved moisture content as well.

A notable exception to the rainfall occurred along the Red River from Love to Harmon Counties where amounts were much less and some sites continue to register a month separation from wetting rain. In general, warm and dry conditions are anticipated following today. No particularly troublesome fire weather is expected; however it is worth mention again that some areas in southwest Oklahoma may see brief periods of elevated fire danger during the afternoon hours as temperatures rise into the upper 90°’s and relative humidity fall below 30% by midweek.

Burn Ban Status:

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