Fire Situation Report – February 13, 2019

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry - Forestry Services

PROTECTION AREA STATISTICS for Reporting Period 02/12/2019 thru 02/13/2019 

NE Area – 

EC Area – No New Activity

SE Area – 

Large / Significant Fire Activity within the Protection Area: No New Activity

Fire Activity with OFS Response outside of the Protection Area: No New Activity

OFS Prescribed Fire Activity: No New Activity 

FIRE DEPARTMENT STATISTICS from recorded on 02/12/2019 thru 02/13/2019 

  • No New Activity Reported (Some fire activity noted through media outlets)

Statewide Discussion: 

A Red Flag Warning is currently in effect for Cimarron and Texas Counties from 11:00 AM through 9:00 PM.

Much more widespread fire danger will develop in Oklahoma today as very dry air and stout southwest winds retain fire danger in western Oklahoma and push it into eastern Oklahoma. The highest fire danger indices will reside in the Oklahoma Panhandle and northwestern Oklahoma although potential for initial attack activity should be expected statewide. Overnight winds are expected to remain gusty and only moderate moisture recovery is expected facilitating extended burning conditions after sunset. Fire danger will likely remain in place on Thursday although slight atmospheric moisture improvement and diminishing winds with the onset of the frontal passage will diminish the threat to some extent.

Oklahoma Panhandle/Northwestern Oklahoma: Poor overnight moisture recovery facilitated by low dewpoint temperature will encourage early development of receptive fuels today. Temperatures warming into the mid- to upper-60°’s and relative humidity values this afternoon in the 7-12% range will result in fine-dead fuel moisture values of 3-4% with moderate resistance to suppression expected. Southwest winds 15-20 mph gusting 25-30+ will facilitate very rapid rates of fire spread today.

  • Grass fuels (ungrazed) typical of the area will exhibit head fire rates of spread 270-350 ft./min. (3.0-3.9 mph) with average flame lengths 9-24 ft.
  • Grass/Shrub fuels are expected to produce rates of spread 115-160 ft./min. with average flame lengths 12-18 ft. Expect short-range spotting generally within 300 ft. of the fireline.

West of I-35: Temperatures in the mid-60°’s and afternoon relative humidity values 18-29% will result in receptive dormant grass fuels in the 4-5% range with the driest conditions along the OK/TX border. Southwest winds this afternoon sustained 20-25 mph gusting in excess of 30 mph during the peak of the burning period will support rapid rates of fire spread.

  • Head fire rates of spread on fires established in ungrazed grasses can be expected to be 240-330 ft./min. (2.7-3.7 mph) exhibiting average flame lengths of 10-24 ft. The most intense burning conditions are reserved for rank, unsheltered fuels where wind and topography are aligned.
  • Moderate rates of spread are expected in grass/shrub models with 90-140 ft./min. rates of fire spread with flame lengths 10-13 feet average. Expect single tree torching and short-range spotting within 200 ft. of the fireline.

East of I-35: Initial attack activity is expected to increase today although fuels should exhibit only limited resistance suppression given the recent moisture regime and dominating weather factors. Nonetheless, grass fuels will be quite receptive this afternoon with most locations observing 6% fine-dead fuel moisture values during the peak of the burning period as temperatures warm into the mid-60°’s and relative humidity fall below 30% into the 24-30% range. In this area, southwest winds will be strongest in the north-central and northeastern counties where sustained speeds of 15-20 mph are expected gusting at times to near 30 mph.

  • Moderate to rapid rates of fire spread are expected in grass dominated fuels generally in the 175-230 ft./min. range with head fire flame lengths 8-18 ft.
  • Timber fuels will support a flaming front; however given the moisture over the past several days very limited resistance to suppression is expected and may serve as a barrier to fire spread in many locations.

Burning conditions are expected to persist following sunset today given marginal to poor overnight recovery. Fire danger is expected to persist into Thursday although moderating with improved atmospheric moisture and diminishing winds in the post-frontal fire environment.

Resources: Resource Hotline (800) 800-2481 Burn Ban Status: No Burn Bans presently in effect.

– OFS Task Forces (Guymon/Weatherford)

1 – National Guard Helicopter

- OHP/OFS Aerial Observation Platform