Fire Situation Report – December 31, 2016

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry - Forestry Services

PROTECTION AREA STATISTICS* for Reporting Period 0800 thru 0800, 12/30/16 thru 12/31/16 

 NE Area – 10 Fires Burned 229.5 Acres (Cause: 7-Incendiary, 2-Escaped Debris, 1-Structure)

EC Area – 5 Firs Burned 83 Acres (Cause: 1-Incendiary)

SE Area – 5 Fires Burned 28 Acres (Cause: 1-Incendiary, 3-Escaped Debris, 1-Escaped Control Burn)

Large Fire Activity within the Protection Area: 

  • Star Hollow Fire (Adair County) - 120 Acres, 75% Contained
  • Pole Cat Creek Fire (Pushmataha County) 3 Acres + Structure, 100% Contained
  • Dry Creek Fire (Pushmataha County) – 150 Acres, 60% Contained

 Fire Activity with OFS Response outside the Protection Area: 

  • Big Branch Fire (Choctaw County) – 165 Acres, 80% Contained
  • National Guard Helicopters Dispatched in support of 3 Wildfire incidents

 OFS Prescribed Fire Activity: 1 Rx Fire Treating 80 Acres (LeFlore County)

* Protection Area Statistics do not reflect local fire department’s fire run information. Statistics are for the ODAFF-Forestry Services’ fifteen county Fire Protection Area in eastern Oklahoma unless otherwise noted in the Discussion section of this report.

FIRE DEPARTMENT STATISTICS** from recorded on 12/30/16 thru 12/31/16

2 Fires burned 352 Acres – Skiatook and Tecumseh FD’s Reporting

Additional Fire Occurrence Noted Through Medial Outlets – Large Fire Reports Expected to Follow.

Statewide Discussion:  Several wildfires were sparked ahead of cold front yesterday with some likely carrying over today. While fire danger will be slightly reduced today with higher relative humidity, high to very high fire danger indices will remain in place statewide. Generally, relative humidity values will be 10-25% higher than observed yesterday afternoon and northerly winds will hit peak windspeed in the early afternoon before subsiding in the late afternoon and into the evening.

Western Oklahoma, including the Panhandle counties, will observe relative humidity values this afternoon in the 30-40% resulting in fine fuel moistures that should be receptive to suppression efforts. Temperatures will be somewhat cooler in the mid-40°’s to upper 50°’s in the southwest, and north winds peaking around noon at 15-20 mph gusting briefly to near 30 mph. Windspeeds are expected to subside somewhat through the afternoon with gust potential falling off before sunset. Rates of fire spread should be moderated from what was forecast yesterday; however persistently dry fuels may still exhibit rapid rates of fire spread.

Central Oklahoma experienced active fire occurrence yesterday, and while fire danger will be slightly moderated today the threat of problematic fire occurrence along with rekindles remains high. Temperatures across the northern counties will be in the 50°’s while further south 60°’s are expected. The cold front ushered in slightly higher dewpoint temperatures which will result in a moderate boost in afternoon relative humidity values ranging from 29-40%. Given the disappointing moisture recovery overnight, fine fuels will likely be very receptive early in the burning period with fine fuel moisture values in the 6-8% range. Northerly winds around 15 mph with some higher gusts will deliver rapid rates of fire spread on any going fire, but somewhat tempered from what was observed yesterday.

Eastern Oklahoma will see temperatures 55-65° with gradually clearing skies. Relative humidity values of 32-38% will promote receptive fuels again today; however winds are not expected to exceed 15 mph with limited gusting through the early afternoon becoming light and variable by early evening providing for improved fire suppression success.

New Year’s Day will bring persisting fire danger, but again slightly moderated from the previous day. A very similar set up compared to today with regard to fire danger is expected, but slightly higher relative humidity values will be present along with southerly winds after an overnight wind shift. Temperatures will span from the mid-50°’s in the Panhandle to the low 60°’s along the Red River. Commensurate with the temperature profile, relative humidity values are not expected to fall below 30% with most locations not reaching 40% (southeast counties will benefit from some moisture surging up from the south). Southerly winds 10-15 mph with higher gusts generally isolated to far western Oklahoma will prompt only moderate rates of fire spread with good probability of successful initial attack.

Special Note to Firefighters:

Large diameter fuels (dead downed and dead standing timber) are at critically low moisture levels. Mop-up and patrol efforts will be critical to prevent breakovers and fires escaping control lines established on fire occurring yesterday.

Helicopter requests can be made through the Resource Hotline (800) 800-2481.


No Active Burn Bans

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