Fire Situation Report – April 29, 2019

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry - Forestry Services

PROTECTION AREA STATISTICS for Reporting Period 04/22/2019 thru 04/29/2019 

NE Area – 1 Fire Burned 112 Acres (Cause: 1-Escaped Control Burn)

EC Area – No New Activity

SE Area – 2 Fires Burned 6.1 Acres (Cause: 1-Incendiary, 1-Equipment)

Large / Significant Fire Activity within the Protection Area: 

  • Passmore Fire (Cherokee County) – 112 Acres, 100% Contained

Fire Activity with OFS Response outside of the Protection Area: No New Activity

OFS Prescribed Fire Activity: No New Activity

FIRE DEPARTMENT STATISTICS from recorded on 04/22/2019 thru 04/29/2019 

  • Minimal wildfire activity reported.

Statewide Discussion: 

Live fuel moisture values, in both herbaceous and woody categories, continue to improve across Oklahoma. Areas of the Oklahoma Panhandle remain separated from a wetting rain by over one month although opportunity for rains are promising this evening into the overnight hours. The live-to-dead fuel ratio is strongly favoring the live fuels which serve to limit fuels availability and retard fire behavior providing strong probability of initial attack success. Additionally, leaf cover in timber dominated fuels is providing both shading and sheltering of fuels limiting fire behavior potential in most timber fuel types.

No significant fire danger anticipated this week with several opportunities for rains and storms. The 5-Day quantitative precipitation forecast shows promise of reinforcing live fuel moisture values. Severe weather potential is more of a concern this week than fire weather or fire danger.

Given the current near-term forecast, state of the fuels and seasonal assessment, we will suspend issuance of the Oklahoma Wildfire Situation Report until fuels, fire weather and/or fire occurrence merits.

Burn Ban Status: No Burn Bans presently in effect.