Controlled burn at Draper set for Jan. 7

Motorists traveling I-240 near Lake Stanley Draper on Friday, Jan. 7, may notice fire and smoke on the lake property near the Douglas Boulevard and exit ramps.  The fire is a controlled burn requested by the City of Oklahoma City Utilities Department.  Motorists are asked to continue driving safely at normal speeds. 

Oklahoma Forestry Services (a division of the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry) will conduct the burn activities on approximately 564 acres south of I-240 at the Douglas Boulevard exit. The plan is subject to weather conditions, which are forecast to be ideal for tomorrow’s activity.

The burn will begin about noon and take about 10 hours to complete.  The North Draper Drive and the Douglas Boulevard entrance will be closed during the burn.

The prescribed burn will reduce the wild fire risk by managing the underlying brush and fuel and provide better views of the lake from surrounding roads.  Also, a controlled burn will improve the overall health of the native forest, allow better native ground cover growth to reduce erosion and improve the habitat for many varieties of wild life, including the black-capped vireo, an endangered bird found at the lake.