George Geissler Oklahoma State Forester   (Chair)
    Jim Reese Secretary of Agriculture
    Lisa Knauf Oklahoma Conservation Commission 
    Tom Creider Oklahoma State Parks
    Mike Sams Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
    Keith Owens OSU, Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Mgmt

OSU, Extension Forestry
    John Hendrix US Fish and Wildlife Service
    Rod Wanger  USDA Farm Services
    John Baldwin USDA Forest Service
    John Mustain USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service
    Brent Gohring Bureau of Indian Affairs
    Langston University Extension
    Dan Lewia Oklahoma Forestry Association
    Oklahoma Urban and Community Forestry Council
    Craig McKinley Oklahoma Woodland Owners Association

NGO - The Nature Conservancy

    Mike Hill TIMO/REIT - The Campbell Group
    Trevor Parrington Industry - International Paper, Valliant Mill
      Non-Industrial Private Landowner
      Private Consultant