Click on a county, in the map below, to view its current burn ban status and click on the attachment to view the Burn Ban resolution.


If the Burn Ban Map isn't visible above (or if you need to see it on a larger page), click the following link: 

Burn Ban Map

Note:  Each County Board of County Commissioners is required by law to notify a number of entities, including Oklahoma Forestry Services (OFS), on the same day that any burn ban resolution is passed either placing a ban in effect or canceling such ban.  This website reflects only those counties which have informed OFS of the status of such a resolution. 

For historical information regarding county-declared burn bans
 please contact that particular County Commissioners Office.

 Burn Ban Law from the Oklahoma Forestry Code (Statutory Reference: O.S. § 16-26)  Includes Governor's Burn Ban and County Commissioner's Burn Ban

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