The American Tree Farm System® is a nation wide community of nearly 60,000 landowners linked by a desire to manage their woodlands effectively. Effective management includes producing continuous crops of trees to supply our nation's wood products needs, and simultaneously maintaining the forest to be aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to wildlife.

Tree farmers play a critical role in our nation's economy. Fully 58 percent of all timber harvested in the United States comes from the non-industrial private woodlands, that is, land owned by individuals, not the government or timber companies. Tree Farms® play a valuable local role as well, providing wildlife habitat and watershed protection, and often offering recreational opportunities for members of the community.

Tree farmers generally own a minimum of 10 acres of forested land. To qualify, they must have their land inspected by one of the 10,000 foresters who donate time to the Tree Farm system. Lands are reinspected at lease every five years to assure that they are being properly managed.

The American Tree Farm System® in Oklahoma is managed by the Tree Farm committee of the Oklahoma Forestry Association. It is a program of the American Forest Foundation, administered by the American forest Council in Washington, D. C. Funding for the program comes from private donations and contributions from the forest products industry.

For more information contact your local OFS Forester.