Sawmill directory being created by Oklahoma Forestry Services

Oklahoma’s forest products industry are a significant part of our state’s economy, historically focused in the southeastern counties. Investment in new facilities continues and this industry is looking to new locations and markets. To better serve the industry, Oklahoma Forestry Services is creating a new directory of Oklahoma sawmills and invites owners and operators to provide their company information to be included.

“We see value in providing a comprehensive directory of sawmills, especially for landowners,” said George Geissler, Oklahoma Forestry Services Director and state forester. “Increased awareness of potential markets allow landowners the opportunity to support our state’s wood utilization and timber industry and we want to make that information easily accessible.”

Sawmill owners who would like to have their company included in the directory are asked to fill out a brief, one-page questionnaire to provide their company information, including contact information, location, which species are accepted and delivery options. The questionnaire is available on the Oklahoma Forestry Services – or you can call Oklahoma Forestry Services at 405-522-6158 to request a form or provide answers over the phone. Completed forms should be emailed to