Oklahoma Forestry Services hires Regeneration Specialist for Tree Improvement Center

Oklahoma Forestry Services is pleased to announce that Cassie Ehardt has been hired as a Forest Regeneration Specialist to work in its Forest Tree Improvement Center in Idabel.

A plant biologist, Cassie will play an important role in the center’s function to breed and disseminate genetically improved trees for seed production. She will be primarily responsible for collecting and processing cones and seeds from genetically improved forest trees, collecting and processing pollen for use in pollination work and provide seed orchard management practices.

“We are excited to have Cassie join the Oklahoma Forestry Services team,” said George Geissler, director, Oklahoma Forestry Services. “She brings exceptional education and knowledge to our genetics improvement program.”

Cassie has a bachelor’s degree in Plant Biology and is completing her master’s degree in Plant Biology, with an emphasis in Plant Conservation, from the University of Oklahoma. Her master’s thesis research included the investigation of means to reintroduce the most disjunct riparian tree species in North America, Alnus martima, specifically focusing on the seed and seedling stages.

For more information about Oklahoma Forestry Services’ Forest Tree Improvement Center visit www.forestry.ok.gov or call 580-286-3552.