Fireworks and Wildfires


Oklahoma Forestry Services encourages all Oklahomans to use caution if setting off fireworks this holiday weekend.

While some areas of Oklahoma are a presently a shade of green that has not been seen in many years, be aware that green grass can burn, especially in areas under direct sunlight. Also,the recent warm, dry weather may encourage wildfires to grow quickly once started.

Wet weather in May and June provided much needed improvement in wildland fuel moistures, filled many reservoirs and lakes, and eased some of the drought concerns across Oklahoma and this may provide the public with a false sense of security about fire danger. And while rain chances will be present across much of the state leading up to and through the Independence Day weekend, it is likely that some areas may not see much at all.

Fireworks displays are always best left to the professionals and this year is no exception. Oklahoma Forestry Services encourages everyone who uses consumer fireworks to be cautious, know the risks associated with handling fireworks and carefully review the safety tips below.




 1.     Adult supervision is required.

2.     Wear eye and ear protection.

3.     Avoid use of fireworks in areas that pose a wildfire risk including tall grass and wooded areas.

4.     Have a charged water hose or buckets of water ready.

5.     Light one firework at a time.

6.     Alcohol and fireworks do not mix.

7.     Follow label instructions.

8.     Never point fireworks at another person.

9.     Do not try to re-light a “dud”

  10.   Use caution when pets and livestock are in the area.