Tree Sales Set For Communities Across Oklahoma


Need trees? Oklahoma Forestry Services (OFS) is holding its annual conservation seedling sales in nearly 20 communities throughout Oklahoma in March. While the seedling sale has been underway at the state nursery since October, the agency is wrapping up its sale by taking the seedlings on the road as a convenience for Oklahomans. Seedlings will be directly sold from a refrigerated truck, with forestry staff on hand to assist customers.

“We encourage landowners to visit our truck sales and take the opportunity to get their land management questions answered by one of our OFS foresters,” said State Forester George Geissler. “If you decide to buy seedlings, you’ll be getting trees that are specifically chosen because they thrive in Oklahoma.”

The seedlings are grown at the Oklahoma Forestry Services State Nursery, located south of Norman, from local seed sources that are selected specifically because they perform well in Oklahoma’s diverse environment. Seedlings are bare-root, one or two years old, 10 to 30 inches in height and are sold in bundles of 50.

Each customer who makes a minimum purchase will receive 50 additional seedlings, while supplies last, donated by Fairmount Santrol’s Roff location. Customers will have their choice of free seedling species, based on what is available. “We appreciate this generous donation of seedlings,” said Geissler, “and will be glad to have additional trees in the ground.”

Species that will be available, while supplies last, for the truck sales include: Oriental Arborvitae, Arizona Cypress, baldcypress, roughleaf dogwood, eastern redbud, lacebark elm, Rocky Mountain juniper, common lilac, Shumard Oak, northern red oak, white oak, native pecan, ponderosa pine, scotch pine, Virginia pine, American plum, fragrant sumac, sycamore and black walnut.

Oklahoma Forestry Services, a division of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, is committed to conserving, enhancing and protecting the forest resources of Oklahoma for current and future generations. For more information or to view the schedule of community truck sales, visit or call 800-517-3673 or 405-288-2385.

Click here for a complete schedule of community seedling truck sales!