Oklahoma’s Champion Trees Identified


Oklahoma Forestry Services, in conjunction with the Oklahoma Forestry Association, has released the 2013-2014 Registry of Oklahoma Champion Trees, the trees officially recognized as the state’s largest.  From 600 nominations, Oklahoma foresters have measured and identified 98 trees, located across the state, which are the biggest of their species. 

“Oklahoma’s Champion Tree Registry program is celebrating 50 years of existence this year, and we are especially excited to announce the current winners,” said George Geissler, State Forester, Oklahoma Forestry Services.  “We appreciate everyone who nominated a tree, and congratulate those whose nominations resulted in a champion.”

The Champion Trees are located in 26 counties throughout the state, and can be found on public and private property, and in rural and urban settings.  The state’s largest tree is a Bald Cypress, which stands 128 feet tall with a circumference of 292 inches, and is located in Little River National Wildlife Refuge in Broken Bow.  Unfortunately, this magnificent tree is growing in a swampy area that is not easily accessible to the public.  The tree that has been on the registry the longest, since 1967, is an Osage-Orange which is 63 feet tall and 237 inches in circumference and well over a hundred years old.  This tree is on private property in Webber Falls, but can easily be seen from the street.  The newest champion is a Ginkgo tree, which is 45 feet tall and 116 inches in circumference, also located on private property, but in plain sight from a busy street in Oklahoma City. 

Do you have a Champion Tree in your yard?  Oklahoma Forestry Services encourages the public to nominate trees that they believe are contenders for the registry.  For complete information about the registry, to view the 2013-2014 and historical registries, to view pictures of champions or to nominate a tree visit the Oklahoma Forestry Services website at www.forestry.ok.gov/champion-trees

Oklahoma Forestry Services, a division of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry, is committed to conserving, enhancing and protecting the forest resources of Oklahoma for present and future generations.